Marc Battier
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Faktura is a concept, introduced by Marc Battier in 2003, that is directly linked to the study of technology and the materials used to create a piece of music. The term was first coined by he Russian Constructivists who used this approach in other forms of art. The assumption is that by investigating the technological advances in fixed-based music one is able to uncover the construction of a piece through its core materials and use of technology.

The hypothesis here is that analysis can be carried out through knowledge of the sound-producing systems and by the close study of the manner in which they are embedded in the composing – the symbolic manipulation – and the actual realisation – the physical manipulation (Battier 2003: 252).


BATTIER, M. (2003) A Constructivist approach to the analysis of electronic music and audio art – between instruments and faktura. Organised Sound , 8(3), pp. 249–255.