David Hirst's analysis of Smalley's Wind Chimes

Analyst's name: 
David Hirst
Year of analysis: 
Composition title: 
Wind Chimes

Attached as a PDF file is a summary of an analysis of Denis Smalley’s Wind Chimes (Smalley, 2004), a detailed version of which formed the heart of my PhD thesis (Hirst, 2006). The thesis was re-written and published as a book (Hirst, 2008). Links to these publications can be found in the References section. Where chapters are mentioned, these refer to chapters in the thesis/book.

I have also attached a PDF slideshow which consists of 8 screen shots of the interactive study score I created as a part of the analysis. If you play back Wind Chimes, you should be able to advance each screen at 2 minute intervals. In addition the are 4 screen shots of 'short scores' created for every 4 minutes of the piece. 



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